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Aircraft Asset Assessment: E170

March 25, 2013

Market Presence. The number of orders for the E170 at 193 represents a reasonable number and is respectable given the absence of an established operator base but is far less than the orders placed for the E190. This represents a concern for residuals but for the moment current market values remain stable. The type has proved itself reasonably popular with a variety of operators and trading activity has already taken place at attractive prices. The efficiency of the aircraft is now well proven and offers a distinct advantage when compared to previous generation regional jets. The wider interior has none of the feel of some earlier regional jets and indeed is able to provide integration with services offered by mainline operators. With the CRJ700 representing the main competitor in terms of current production, the type is managing to effectively compete. Values of the E170 suffered a modest amount during the latest recession but this was due more to the overall depressed market conditions than to the aircraft itself. The lack of a sizeable backlog indicates that values should be realistic.

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