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Aircraft Asset Assessment: A340-300

May 24, 2010

Market Presence. The A340-300 has previously provided operators with considerable operating flexibility. The four-engine configuration, combined with long haul capability, opened up a number of routes unable to support either the larger B777-300ER or the ETOPs constrained twin engined B777-200ER. The –300 has CFM56-5 engines while the new A340-500 and –600 feature Rolls-Royce powerplants. This change in engine manufacturer created problems when seeking to promote the benefits of family commonality. The competition to the A340-300 is clearly the B777-200ER which has been the victor. Offering similar range capability but slightly higher seating capacity, the economics of the B777 have been difficult to match. However, four engines, a different fuselage diameter, and family ties have been sufficient to generate more than 200 orders.

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