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Aircraft Asset Assessment: B787-8

May 19, 2014

Market Presence. The residual values of the B787-8 have previously exhibited above average strength due in part to the corrosion avoiding composite airframe, long term fuel efficiency, and long range performance. The B787 may offer operators new benefits but perhaps residual values also need to consider the range performance, lower acquisition costs and proven technology of existing competitive products. Since the B787 was launched there have been more than 800 new orders for the A330.. At present, values of the B787 have not been adversely affected by the initial delays, by the recent grounding and the fire. However, the return to service after the grounding prompted a need to consider the future fortunes of the B787 much more closely in the context of high profile problems. There is a need for the B787 to avoid further high profile issues that may have the potential to affect long term passenger and operator preferences. While the B787 offers much potential in terms of efficiency, this needs to be accompanied by stalwart in service performance, hitherto the trademark of Boeing.

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