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Aircraft Asset Assessment

January 20, 2020

The A320

Market Presence. With more than 230 operators the A320 enjoys an established base which is stronger than the B737-800. The large number of orders placed by the lessors underlines confidence in the type even with the development of the A320neo. The engines of the A320ceo are in particular demand and this has led to a considerable increase in the price being paid for spares. The cost of spare engines and life limited parts has continued to escalate such that airlines were successful in securing concessions from some engine manufacturers. However, a number of events have combined to increase the demand for spare engines and thus increase the price willing to be paid for older CFM56-5 and V2500 engines. The cost of spares has increased significantly. In 2013 the cost of a set of LLPs on the CFM56-5B4/P will have cost approximately $2.5 million; by 2019 this had increased to nearly $4 million. An old A320 may therefore have a value of $10 million just because of the engines.

Market Outlook. The problems of the MAX are of course providing a fillip to demand and therefore the values of the A320. This will continue in the short term and therefore instead of A320ceo values experiencing a rapid decline due to the arrival of the A320neo, there will be a more muted deterioration.


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