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Embraer E-Jet Values Show Improvement

June 19, 2023

Production of the E2 has seen a notable dip in the last six years. In 2017 a total of 101 E-Jets were delivered but this included deliveries for the large number of E175E1s that were being ordered. In 2018 the number of E-Jets deliveries had fallen to 90, then 89 and in 2020 44. As of 2021 48 were delivered and in 2022 57. Embraer is now hoping to return to 100 or more by the end of the decade. For 2023 some 65-70 shipments are expected but of these there will still be more than 25 E1 deliveries, again made up mostly of E175s. The service entry of the E175E2 is still on hold pending the relaxation of now decidedly out of step scope clauses. There are several sales campaigns underway with possibly 200 to be ordered.There has been renewed interest in the E2 not least in the form of the E195E2 which saw a stretch when compared to the E195E1. The seating capacity of the E195E1 competes with the A220 and earlier availability is proving to be an important consideration. The E175E1 value is nudging $25 million for a new aircraft but this is essentially older technology. The impact of inflationary pressures alone will see an increase in prices and values. The PW1100 engine is not suffering to the same extent on the E2s as the A220s and A320neo family because of its lighter weight and having been introduced later. The E190E2, and even the E195E2 to some extent, has essentially very limited competition with no other Western manufacturer producing competitive products. The E190E1s are of an age which will see replacement in the coming years and combined with growth in such markets as China, the appetite for the type will improve. Last year, the Pratt & Whitney GTF-powered E195-E2 was successfully tested with 100 percent SAF.

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