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Aircraft Asset Assessment — The B767-300

August 9, 2004

Market Presence. The B767-300 has an extremely limited market presence. The absence of orders and deliveries in recent years has increased the expectation of difficult trading conditions for those units set to be released by existing operators in the near to mid term. With only seven operators, of which three possess more than 75 percent of the fleet, future demand for used units in a passenger role is expected to be extremely limited. The age profile of the B767-300, stretching back to 1986, or 18 years of service, suggests that disposal and replacement will occur sooner rather than later. The payload/range of the B767-300, while ideally suited to dense intra-regional sectors, is of little use to operators seeking to maximize flexibility on intercontinental routes. There is nothing to suggest technical or environmental obsolescence in the near future. The principal determinant for future values of the -300 lies with the market requirements of a few operators -- All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

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