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Aircraft Asset Assessment—CRJ900

January 18, 2021

Market Presence. The demand for the CRJ900 has been notable with a final tally of 500 ordered as of the of production that will occur in 2021. The demand for the 75-90 seats was proven with the F100, the BAe146-200/300/RJ85 but the CRJ900 brought new operating economics. While the concentration with US customers is of particular concern, the number of orders for the type represents a credible achievement in view of its variant status. The move away from the 50 seat regional jets had been in evidence for some years and the 76 seat, 84,500lb scope clause compliant CRJ900 displaced some CRJ200s and became more favored than the CRJ700. As a derivative of the CRJ200, the CRJ900 retains the long thin tube effect which is not always welcomed by passengers particularly in the Covid era but this has not prevented operators from fully utilizing the aircraft. The advances made with the NextGen version sought to enhance the passenger experience, thereby providing an alternative to the ERJ175. The issue of scope clauses created artificial demand. The effect of Covid was to see values fall by more than 30 percent which was in addition to the recent declines that were seen as a result of heavy discounting by Bombardier as it sought to maintain production.

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