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Aircraft Asset Assessment

October 30, 2017

Market Presence. Airbus has built a reputation around the use of the latest technology including envelope limiting computers, fly by wire and side stick controllers. Despite being designed in the 1980s, the A330 still is still viewed as contemporary though no match for the B787 at least in terms of technology. Engines have undergone some upgrading, specifically the CF6, and the flight deck displays have changed from CRTs to LCDs, the same as used on the B777. The original 212t A330-300 was range limited due to a basic design philosophy. The A340 was meant for long haul operations and the A330 for regional sectors. Twin-engined economics have proved themselves and combined with a changing market structure that favors direct routings, the MTOW has been increased to 242t, offering much better range performance. The higher gross weight A330-300s are still viewed as good regional aircraft though transatlantic capability is well within their capability. 180 minutes ETOPs approval has been granted for many years. Values of the A330-300 experienced a considerable decline in previous years and while the rate of fall has declined, it is still all too evident, a trend that will continue.

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