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Aircraft Asset Assessment: A380

June 15, 2015

Market Presence. When the A380 was launched and based on the initial entry into service date, a stretch to the A380 was already expected in the next few years. The engine manufacturers on the A380 have long since being offering higher thrust engines capable of powering the stretch. The delays to the service entry of the A380-800, the problems concerning production and the hiatus in orders have all conspired to delay any such development. This has allowed used values of the A380ceo to remain at higher than expected levels for longer than anticipated. The capacity of the A380 is now not the pressing issue. Instead engine technology has moved forward and operators are needing greater efficiency not least because of the arrival of the B777X in the latter part of the decade. Once the new engine is developed then a stretch becomes more of a possibility which will further rejuvenate the program allowing for sustained production albeit at modest levels

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