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Aircraft Asset Assessment

June 21, 2021

Market Presence. Values have fallen and continue to do so even as aircraft are scrapped and parked. As a member of the A320 family, technology is not an issue for the A318. The interior of the A318, providing a wider diameter than the competition, is attractive for corporate customers so conversion to corporate use is still possible. On a 100-seater, such an advantageous interior arrangement will further enhance passenger perceptions though operator appeal is less obvious. The high gross weight A318s are a match for the B737-600, something that was lacking with the original payload/range objectives. However, a 100-seater usually flies shorter sectors such that flight times are likely to approximate an hour. The difference in MTOWs has a significant effect on range capability. While structural changes are unlikely to be necessary to accommodate higher gross weights on a post-production basis, there may be some operating empty weight implications. The PW6000 was essentially an all-new engine but suffered from delayed certification. An all-new engine usually encounters teething problems, potentially impacting reliability but the considerable redesign represented a major delay. To compensate for other teething problems that may occur with an all-new engine, launch customers normally receive guarantees and penalty payments to counteract any operational deficiencies. In the years following service entry, new engines tend to feature better fuel efficiency. The lack of commonality of the PW6000 with the other members of the A320 family saw the CFM56 favored.

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