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“$152 million” for 2019 A350-900?

July 31, 2023

With respect to other datapoints, a 2010 A318Elite is on the market for $25 million which approximates the market value for a VIP aircraft of this vintage. A 2019 A350-900 is also being advertised for $152 million which is higher than the market values but in view of the limited production rates, such prices may be paid. Note the $160 million offer that American made on a $125 million B747-400 first entered service in 1989 because of the need to service new Pacific routes. A 1998 A321 has an asking price of $4.5 million, a reasonable figure. A 1997 A320 is also on the market priced at $7.5 million which is perhaps higher than might be expected but much depends on the status of the engines. A B737-500 with a corporate shuttle interior is being advertised for $2.95 million with another 1997 vintage aircraft being priced at the same level. A 1998 B737-400F is on the market at $6.5 million which is line with market values. There are even B727-200Fs on the market at just under $1 million.

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